Narrow-Aisle Reach Trucks [New Products]

Narrow-Aisle Reach Trucks [New Products]

The Raymond Corporation has introduced the Raymond Model 7200 (24 volts) and Model 7300 (36 volts) available in Reach-Fork and Deep-Reach configurations. Design of the new models incorporates Raymond’s Eco-Performance—an approach to designing and engineering lift truck solutions for economic and ecological benefits—as well as productivity, stability and maintainability.

Models 7200 and 7300 are application-driven to address customers’ narrow-aisle storage needs and high-volume applications. There is a broad range of battery compartment configurations, from 14.12 to 21.12 inches, with AC lift standard on all reach trucks.

Additional updates to these new-model reach trucks include strong ductile iron, bolt-on, baselegs that ensure reliable load support, which is now standard across the entire product line. The Raymond ACR System delivers more uptime, fewer battery changes and lower maintenance costs and helps move more product faster in narrow aisles.

With universal stance, the driver can face forward and comfortably look straight up with a clear view when handling and storing pallets. Visibility is provided via an open view mast design. A single axis control handle also is designed for comfort in a natural “shake hands” configuration and intuitive control.

The Raymond Corporation


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