Omni-channel Packing Solution [New Products]

Omni-channel Packing Solution [New Products]

FP International has introduced the MINI PAK’R, a packing solution designed specifically for ship-from-store and return-to-manufacturer programs.

With its compact size and weight, this mini packing machine can fit into any busy retail setting where every square foot counts.

Providing numerous film configurations, the packer has the ability to pick and choose between void fill, protective wrapping, corner protection, cushioning, or block and brace solutions.

Because the MINI PAK’R inflates the film on site, it eliminates the need to stock prefilled bubble, loose fill product or large amounts of paper.

FP International’s systems approach is designed to reduce freight costs, increase speed of delivery and offer retailers the advantage of shipping products from any one of their stores directly to their customers.

FP International


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