Orbital Stretch-Wrapper [New Products]

Orbital Stretch-Wrapper [New Products]

Orbital stretch-wrapping machines in the TAB Wrapper Tornado line from TAB Industries wrap plastic stretch film 360 degrees around and under an entire palletized load—including the pallet—to create a single, secure load that keeps bulk bags in place without sliding, shifting or falling off the pallet during lifting, transport and warehousing.

Designed for packaging powdered, granular and other free-flowing products in paper and plastic bags for retail sale as well as in flexible intermediate bulk containers and other bulk bags, the TAB Wrapper Tornado packaging machines provide a durable, water-resistant layer of protection from bumps, scrapes and tears to safeguard against spillage, product loss and costly cleanup and regulatory fines.

Featuring patent-pending technology, the TAB Wrapper Tornado allows the palletized bags to be wrapped while raised on a forklift or continuously fed on a conveyor. The TAB Wrapper Tornado is available in three standard models and in custom sizes.

TAB Industries LLC


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