Order Picking Cart [New Products]

Order Picking Cart [New Products]

Creform has developed an order picking cart that features two angled shelves and one horizontal shelf. Each shelf is uniquely positioned and angled to optimize the interface with the associate. The design of this cart makes it easy to see into each box and properly position “picked” products in the box.

The cart features plastic shelves that provide the right balance between light weight and strength. It is narrow and its dimensions of 28” wide x 48” long x 60” tall make travel in narrow aisles and restrictive spaces possible. The cart is designed to hold up to 450 lb. 

The picking cart is suitable for warehouse order picking or kitting and features four 5” diameter urethane casters. The four swivel casters at the corners allow the cart to be easily positioned and pushed down the aisles as well as to move laterally.

C-shaped ergonomic handles with cross bars on either end make the cart comfortable to push and can be adjusted automatically to an associate’s height. For convenience, each end of the cart features a small shelf for incidental tools and supplies, while hooks are at each end in order to hang clip boards or other reference material.

Optional components such as shelf position label holders, towing hitches, scanner gun holders, etc. are available to help further customize carts. Higher load capacity and custom cart sizes and configurations are possible as well.

Creform Corp.

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