Package Tracking App [New Products]

Package Tracking App [New Products]

Airspace Technologies has introduced its Driver Partner App, which is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. The Driver Partner App integrates with the Airspace web-based technology platform and prompts a driver through the entire delivery process, allowing shippers to track package locations.

This united platform provides shippers with end–to–end tracking and visibility, including airline status and estimated time of delivery. Each time a package changes hands, it is validated by the mobile application and geotagged so shippers can view the live location down to the vehicle it is traveling in at that exact moment.

Airspace generates a unique ID for every piece in a shipment and the mobile application allows drivers to verify that every piece on every order is accounted for at every step in the process. Drivers also capture digital signatures when the package is picked up from the customer and delivered.

The Airspace platform intelligently selects the best driver for an order based on location, certification and vehicle type. Once a driver is verified to drive with Airspace, they can log into the Driver Partner App.

Airspace Technologies

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