Pallet Packaging Adhesive Applicator [New Products]

Pallet Packaging Adhesive Applicator [New Products]

Lock n’ Pop has introduced an applicator that can monitor application amounts automatically for its water-based cohesive that forms a chemical bond with packaging surfaces and holds firm until it’s time to un-stack the pallets.

The new system, named Unitizer 150F, can signal the user when applied amounts of product are out of range, thereby assuring proper application without having to periodically weigh samples of the applied cohesive. 

The water-based cohesive is stronger than stretch wrap alone and is cold applied, making it safer than hot melt. It’s suitable for polybag applications.

The new applicator comes with PLC control that provides users the ability to regulate and track cohesive flowrate, range and amount. The unit can set off an alarm or integrate with the plant as required, should flow rate be off. A history log also allows technicians to access the last 1,000 logs to identify any patterns or see when the system went down.

Lock n’ Pop

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