Palletizing Software for Robotic Operations [New Products]

Palletizing Software for Robotic Operations [New Products]

Intelligrated has introduced IntelliGen palletizing software that allows operations to adjust pallet load configuration without the need for extra programming or integration. Designed for robotic palletizing operations that handle a variety of product types and sizes, the new software allows operators to adjust load patterns and stacking characteristics based on changing product dimensions and other variables, helping to improve flexibility, speed and load integrity.

The IntelliGen software comes integrated with the robotic cell’s standard control system and allows facility operations personnel to select user-defined load configurations, simplifying product changeovers. The software also provides the capability to adjust load configurations, patterns and product sizes without the need to make a service call or leverage complex external software programs.

Facility staff can use IntelliGen to make these changes with minimal training, extending the palletizing cell’s capability beyond the initial product mix. The software’s advanced functionality also includes row-forming and case-turning, enabling multiple-piece picks and drops on multiple rows.

The IntelliGen platform offers compatibility with major robotic arm brands and supports a variety of customized end-of-arm tooling.


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