Portable Warehouse Dolly Carts [New Products]

Portable Warehouse Dolly Carts [New Products]

The Creform GN Series of Modular Cart dollies allows the user to “put wheels” on just about anything they need to move regularly. They are suitable for moving boxes of components, parts, totes and equipment. They provide a maneuverable platform for keeping containers off the floor in warehouse or assembly operations..

One feature of the dolly design is its interlocking ability which allows several to be locked together to create a larger platform. No tools are required for connection.

Molded-in handholds make the dollies portable and they are designed to be stacked for compact storage. The weight of a GN-900 dolly is 11.5 lb. (5.2 kg) with nylon wheels. 12.5 lb. (5.7 kg) with rubber wheels. They are small enough to fit in the trunk of a car and light enough for anyone to handle.

Creform Corp.  



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