Power-Picking Capability for WMS [New Products]

Power-Picking Capability for WMS [New Products]

TouchPath (formerly TransitionWorks) has extended its TouchWMS warehouse management system with the addition of a power-picking Control Center, a management tool that enables specific picks to be assigned to specific pickers. It removes the need for pick notes by presenting assigned picks to warehouse operatives on-screen via mobile terminals, then tracks the status of each pick in real-time, measuring picker performance by individual and by team.

TouchWMS is multi-lingual and currently supports 11 languages. It has the functionality to support the full range of warehouse processes, from goods receipt, guided put-away, task management, stock allocation and multi-zone wave picking, single order pick and pack or bulk order picking. Other processes that can be supported include automatic replenishment, load management, the generation of multi-lingual dispatch notes, and pallet manifests, plus integration with several carrier consignment systems.

TouchWMS can run stand-alone or integrated with all mainstream ERP and other supply chain and legacy systems.


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