RFID Transponders [New Products]

RFID Transponders [New Products]

Siemens is expanding its line of Simatic RF600 RFID products with new transponders with large memory capacities and a compact mobile read/write device.

The new Simatic RF622T and RF622L UHF RFID transponders have capacities of 4 KB and can store large volumes of data while rapidly accessing tagged objects. The carriers are designed for production control, asset management and intra-logistics distributed configurations.

The ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) of the RF622T and RF622L transponders enables high-speed writing as well as an unlimited number of write cycles.

The new Simatic RF650M mobile handheld reader can identify large numbers of transponders up to three meters away. Designed for logistics and service applications, the reader features a color touch display with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, a rugged keypad and a large trigger button.

A fold down RFID antenna coupled with a small 147 x 60 x 39 mm size allows the handheld reader to be carried in a pocket. Weighing only 235 g, including the rechargeable battery, the reader is designed for fatigue-free use over long periods. A nine hour battery life ensures operation for at least one shift.


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