Scissor Lift and Rotate System for Cart [New Products]

Scissor Lift and Rotate System for Cart [New Products]

EnKon Systems has introduced a pneumatic Scissor Lift and Rotate System to specifically fit a customer’s cart for improving ergonomics and productivity in their facility. With this new system, users will be able to raise a cart containing a pallet to the proper heights while placing products onto the pallet.

The rotate system allows the cart to turn 360⁰, reducing the time and back strain to complete the task. Once the pallet is fully loaded, the user can lower the lift and roll the cart full of products to the next step in the process.

The system is built with the rotate bearing attached to a platform below the lift, with four mounting holes for securing the system to the floor. The high-grade rotate bearing is heavy-duty and can withstand load slamming from forklift trucks. Safety features include an optional bolt-on bellows skirt to protect from pinch points, a maintenance safety stop, and captured roller wheels to prevent the lift table from tipping. It is rated for a capacity of 2,000 lbs, and 12,000 duty cycles per year. 

EnKon Systems

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