Smart Bin Systems for Benchtop Use [New Products]

Smart Bin Systems for Benchtop Use [New Products]

Apex Supply Chain Technologies has introduced the ACTYLUS 8100 and 8200 smart bin systems, which enable operations with assembly and compact manufacturing cells to use replenishment automation to ensure bin supplies never run out.

The devices are compact, at one shelf (14.5 inches) and two shelves high (22 inches), respectively. They are suitable for use in benchtop and wall mount applications, including assembly cells and individual workstations.

ACTYLUS Smart Bin Systems automate Kanban and the vendor-managed inventory (VMI) process. Either model can be used with an optional riser or wall mount that raises the bins off the work surface, conserving benchtop work space.

Features include:

Automatic Low-Level Alerts: Smart bins can automatically detect low levels and send alerts to managers and suppliers when pre-set minimums are reached.

Eliminating Stock-outs: Eliminating stock-outs ensures production will not be interrupted.

Increasing Productivity: Stockouts create unproductive, unplanned downtime while workers wait for someone to get an expensive emergency order of supplies.

More Efficient Supplier Relationships: Smart bins ensure distributors see real-time inventory levels and can focus on growing their business instead of counting bins.

Managers Work Smarter: When managers are freed from manual bin counts, they can spend their time on more high-value tasks.

Increasing Cash Flow: By eliminating safety stock from inventory, there is an immediate cash flow benefit.

Flexible Configurations: Available in a range of bin and shelf configurations,

ACTYLUS smart bins are powered by the Apex Trajectory Cloud, a secure analytics and inventory replenishment platform that consolidates smart bin data in real time to give distributors and their customers 24/7 visibility into inventory. Stock levels can be checked and managed online anytime and anywhere from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Apex Supply Chain Technologies

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