Smarter Mapping Solutions [New Products]

Smarter Mapping Solutions [New Products]

Paragon Software Systems Inc. has added new capabilities to its vehicle routing and scheduling optimization solutions to produce smarter maps—street level mapping, average road speed data and truck attribute data. The resulting solutions result in a truer reflection of actual driver journeys to save money and mileage, a leader in vehicle routing and scheduling optimization solutions,  

Street Level Mapping provides for enhanced dense drop delivery performance, more efficient urban routing and more accurate planning.

Average Road Speed Data provides a calculated average speed in each direction on all road links for which there is sufficient speed data derived from an exhaustive analysis of billions of road speed observations. It is calculated using historic traffic flow velocities captured from a mix of vehicle types, providing better estimates of journey times for the roads where the average speed information is available.

Truck Attribute Data helps prevent detours and reduces mileage. It streamlines the creation of cost effective, feasible transport plans that avoid truck restrictions. 

Paragon Software Systems Inc.


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