Solution Predicts When Drivers Will Quit [New Products]

Solution Predicts When Drivers Will Quit [New Products]

Omnitracs LLC has introduced Omnitracs ELD Driver Retention Model, a predictive modeling solution that allows companies to identify and retain truck drivers who are most likely to voluntarily leave their jobs.

With the ELD Driver Retention Model, fleet owners and managers can proactively engage at-risk groups with targeted remediation programs and reduce turnover in the highest risk groups by up to 80%.

It uses the extensive data that companies are already collecting through electronic hours-of-service (HOS) applications to detect subtle changes in driver habits, which can then be key indicators of their desire to voluntarily leave their jobs. These individual driver logs produce more than a thousand pieces of data related to hours worked, customer site delays, lack of hours and amount of activity on the clock.

Omnitracs ELD Driver Retention Model was designed for any size fleet using electronic HOS management applications.

Omnitracs LLC


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