Stability Casters Option for Pallet Trucks [New Products]

Stability Casters Option for Pallet Trucks [New Products]

UniCarriers Americas Corp. (UCA) has introduced a poly-block Stability Casters option for its WLX Series pallet trucks. The new Stability Casters help provide additional balance when handling taller or off-center loads for steadier operation and more confident load handling.

Features for the new Stability Casters option include:

• Swivel bearings designed for high strength, longer wear and impact resistance. Tapered roller bearings absorb vertical and horizontal forces to provide smooth swivel action and superior durability.

• A polyurethane spring block provides softened cushioning for more comfortable operation over small debris or floor variations, with cushioning stiffness increasing in response to higher caster deflection or a higher speed turn.

• Load wheel with dual, sealed ball bearings to allow the wheel to rotate freely without any binding or interferences.

Major components are zinc-plated for corrosion protection and to provide longer life.

UniCarriers Americas Corp. (UCA)

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