Stretch Hood Wrapper [New Products]

Stretch Hood Wrapper [New Products]

Qimarox has introduced a standard OEM stretch wrapper, which includes a patented concept whereby the tensioning arms, which stretch the stretch wrap over the products, function independently in separate guideposts.

The lack of a framework (in which the tensioning arms are traditionally connected) improves the flexibility of the design of the standard stretch wrapper. The position of the guideposts is determined in the project specifications, allowing the stretch wrapper to adapt to project specifications. This opens up the possibility of processing pallets from two different directions, allowing the machine to be used in corners.

This compact stretch hood machine has four tensioning arms that can stretch a stretch wrap taut and pull it over the loaded pallet. When the tensioning arms release the stretch hood, the boxes, bags, or other products on the pallet can no longer move due to the elasticity of the film. Because the four tensioning arms can move horizontally in two directions, the stretch wrapper can wrap any size of pallet.


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