Stretch Wrap System [New Products]

Stretch Wrap System [New Products]

Millwood Inc. has introduced its Liberty Technologies Series 800 stretch wrap system. This conveyorized, fully-automatic, high speed rotary arm stretch wrap system is equipped with dual film carriages that allow for optimal pre-stretch levels of up to 300% and wraps more than 100 loads per hour.

It comes equipped with two technologies: FAST (Force Anticipation Stretch Technology) and Film Consumption Analysis. FAST is a film feed system that precisely delivers stretch film to the load based on actual load dimensions. This technology prevents film breakage due to stretch film defects and product load puncture hazards and provides a wide range of force to load applications on heavy or light loads, preventing product defamation.

Film Consumption Analysis is a stretch film monitoring system that provides an accurate reading of the film applied to the load. It indicates the stretch film utilized on the existing roll, provides a history of film consumption and pre-stretch levels on the last 30 pallet loads and manages the total film used and load containment.

Millwood Inc.

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