Supply Chain Analytics [New Products]

Supply Chain Analytics [New Products]

TECSYS Inc. has introduced Visual Metrics Performance Measurement Suite, which provides performance analytics and dashboards for the full spectrum of an organization’s entire supply chain.

This solution provides visibility & tracking on:

• Vendors – shipment performance and how to engage with various vendors.

• Inventory and Planning – forecasting performance to streamline inventory levels and which items are most important to the bottom line.

• Warehouse – warehouse effectiveness with insight into current activities. Overall warehouse performance and labor productivity, ability to compare with industry benchmarks.

• Customers –sales and accounts receivables and how to stratify various customers.

• Consumption – In a point-of-use setting, consumption and movement of supply and management of inventory levels.

• Distribution – outbound shipment activities, shipping costs and volumes, and distribution performance.

• Finance – how all supply chain activities affect the bottom line.

Through intuitive dashboards, best practice metrics, and easy to use analytics, the entire supply chain is exposed, allowing decision makers to understand cause-and-effect relationships across the spectrum and to take appropriate actions.



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