Supply Chain Control Tower [New Products]

Supply Chain Control Tower [New Products]

Damco has introduced its Supply Chain Orchestrator control tower solution, which is designed to help companies improve overall supply chain visibility, performance and optimization.

Supply Chain Orchestrator provides a single coordination point, integrating, validating and distributing data across supply chain partners. The Damco system fully integrates fourth-party logistics provision (4PL) with predictive and analytical techniques, allowing teams to detect and respond to events before they affect performance.

The program is based on a three-step approach so companies can evolve from gaining end-to-end visibility, through enhancing day-to-day supplier performance, to finally optimizing the complete supply chain across all providers.

Shipment-related KPIs and other performance metrics are available through a dashboard, with automated exception alerts highlighting issues that could impact the business.

Supplier control includes rule-based partner selection, shipment and order planning, performance monitoring and alerting, as well as root-cause analysis with corrective actions. Optimization can be applied to individual daily deliveries, and include periodic supply chain network performance reviews and (re)designs.



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