Supply Chain Execution Convergence Solution [New Products]

Supply Chain Execution Convergence Solution [New Products]

LogFire has integrated its flagship Warehouse Management System with Oracle Transportation Management, creating a 100% cloud-based supply chain execution convergence solution.

Features of the joint solution include:

Digital Fulfillment Network: Manage, track and visualize inventory across fulfillment centers, 3PLs, store shelves and inventory in-transit with real-time data. Companies will be able to connect networks in real-time.

Re-think and Re-design Your Supply Chain: Move from a flat supply chain approach to a multi-dimensional network approach. The cloud provides a real network approach, driven by real-time data, allowing organizations to adapt to ever-changing marketplace conditions.

Focus on Your Business, Not on Maintaining Your Software Applications: Convert resources allocated to supporting your supply chain technology stack to revenue-generating resources focused on sales growth, cash flow and margin improvement.

LogFire’s Warehouse and In-Store Inventory Management solutions are designed to minimize stock-outs while helping clients achieve inventory accuracy, store service level agreements and overall fulfillment rates close to 100%.



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