Supply Chain Risk Visualization Platform [New Products]

Supply Chain Risk Visualization Platform [New Products]

IDV Solutions has released Visual Command Center for Supply Chain 1.5, the latest version of its enterprise risk visualization software for proactively monitoring for and managing supply chain risk. New capabilities in release 1.5 include on-the-fly value stream mapping and alerting, and custom global weather alerts. These additions alert organizations to risks that could cause costly disruptions and enable them to act quickly to minimize or eliminate the impact of those risks.

Visual Command Center for Supply Chain visualizes all components of an organization’s global supply chain, including air, ocean, rail, and truck routes, route nodes, suppliers, and manufacturing and retail locations. It monitors for risks that could impact those assets, such as severe weather, terrorism, transportation delays, and natural disasters, and provides automatic alerts and robust visualization, risk assessment, and communication tools to take efficient and effective action against them.

The new release allows users to view their supply chains as value streams and as simple origin-and-destination pairs. New routes can be added by importing data or by drawing directly on the map.

The new release also incorporates the ability to gather information from suppliers via online surveys. Faced with a potential threat such as a hurricane or a strike, organizations can poll their suppliers, and receive alerts when certain responses (“material unavailable” for example, or “depot closed”) are received, or when recipients fail to respond.

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