Supply Chain Transparency Solution [New Products]

Supply Chain Transparency Solution [New Products]

The Compliance Map has launched the Supply Chain Transparency Module, which is designed to help industry combat forced labor and human trafficking.

Regulations such as the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act and the Modern Slavery Act 2015 place the onus on companies to report on their actions to ensure no actor in their supply chain uses forced labor. The Supply Chain Transparency Module is specifically designed to help reduce the burden of compliance, improve accuracy and demonstrate due diligence. The solution:

• Initiates regular audits of the supply chain using tailored workflows and campaigns, which automate all aspects of the communication process. Reminders, escalations and survey building are all controlled through a single dashboard.

• Identifies risk areas and building risk assessments. For example, a Risk Profile of a supplier or range of suppliers can be created, and based on the designation provided, a Risk Assessment is automatically created. Factors such as the supplier location, types of commodities shipped and results from surveys help determine a high or low risk. Using these results further audits and inspections can be carried out.

The Compliance Map

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