Towable Trailer [New Products]

Towable Trailer [New Products]

Absolute E-Z Up (AEUP) has launched the Transport Dolly, a towable trailer with a capacity of 500 lbs. At just 30” wide, an overall length of 68-3/4”, and a ground clearance of 8”, the Transport Dolly can be towed to move materials throughout any jobsite, whether it’s used to pick warehouse stock, transport parts to shipping or deliver components to workstations for just-in-time manufacturing.

The Transport Dolly is designed to be towed by the AEUP ISP-11 industrial stock picker, and when combined with the ISP-11’s 200 lb capacity tray and the 249 lb capacity cargo hood, operators can move 949 lbs of material or inventory in one trip.

Constructed with high grade steel and powder-coated paint, and featuring a diamond plated floor, the Transport Dolly is built to withstand demanding work sites. It features a quick connect/disconnect system and safety coupler.

Absolute E-Z Up (AEUP)

TAGS: Warehousing
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