Uber-like App for Freight Brokers [New Products]

Uber-like App for Freight Brokers [New Products]

XYpper Inc. has developed and launched an app- and web-based system for the trucking industry in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, allowing independent owner-operators and freight brokers to harness the power of web and mobile technology to connect.

The XYpper app works similarly to Uber and other “sharing economy” apps, by directly connecting individuals who have a need with someone who can perform a service—in XYpper’s case, connecting freight brokers who have loads that need to be delivered with truckers who are either in their geographical area or on their way. 

Brokers post their load information online though a web-based portal, and truckers are alerted via the app in real time. Other benefits provided by the system include tracking capabilities and automated document generation for truckers and brokers, so neither party has to create necessary paperwork for their transactions. 

XYpper also sends load offers while truckers are en route, minimizing downtime. The app also will soon be able to provide truckers with each broker’s credit score and payment trend, allowing them to choose whether to accept or reject loads based on broker reputability. The system encompasses all of North America, is open to all brokers and carriers, and provides fully integrated document-generation capabilities.

XYpper Inc.


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