Vertical Buffer Module for Small Parts Picking [New Products]

Vertical Buffer Module for Small Parts Picking [New Products]

Kardex Remstar has launched the Vertical Buffer Module product family to its portfolio, starting with the LR 35 storage and retrieval unit, which is capable of fast delivery when picking small parts.

The LR 35 storage system is a solution for picking small parts from bins, totes and trays in small and medium-sized warehouses. The unit design consists of a shelf system with automatic bin handling, picking stations and its own logistics software. It is designed for companie involved in handling single-part or small-volume orders.

Around 500 order lines per picking station/hour can be achieved with two or more units or batch picking. The LR 35 can be fitted with up to four access openings or picking stations.

At the heart of each station is the turntable, which is tilted at an angle of 20 degrees. While the operator picks one order, the LR 35 prepares the next bin and places it on the rear shelf of the turntable. As soon as the picking process is complete the turntable turns 180 degrees and the next bin is ready for picking.

Goods can be directly stored in standard bins/totes or on a tray that is compatible with a mini-load system. Trays, bins, or totes of different heights can also be mixed and stored together. Each load carrier can hold up to 77 lbs.

Kardex Remstar LLC

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