Vertical Lift Module [New Products]

Vertical Lift Module [New Products]

Kardex Remstar has integrated Power Pick Global inventory management software and Pick-to-Light technology into its Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module (VLM).

The Shuttle XP VLM ranges from light duty storage in the 250 model to heavy duty storage in the Shuttle XP 1000 model, featuring a 2,204 lbs. (1000 kg) capacity per tray. The Shuttle XP 1000 can also be integrated with a crane mounted to the load profile. It can be maneuvered into position in front of the access opening to pick up heavy items from the floor or from a pallet.

Kardex Remstar’s dynamic storage solutions operate on the “goods to person” principle. By delivering items directly to the operator, travel and search time commonly associated with shelving can be reduced.

By utilizing the vertical space from floor to ceiling, vertical storage systems can help eliminate wasted space commonly found in shelving systems to recover up to 85% floor space. Equipped with pick-to-light technology, a TIC (transaction information center) is mounted at the access opening to direct the operator to the exact location to pick from displaying the part number and quantity to pick.

Kardex Remstar LLC


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