Virtual Reality in the DC [New Products]

Virtual Reality in the DC [New Products]

Voxware, a provider of cloud-based voice solutions, has introduced its Augmented Reality (AR) offering, which brings voice and scanning together with vision and image capture. The first two workflows addressed by the AR solution use smartglass technology to improve “packing & shipping” and “returns & receiving” in the distribution center. 

In the “packing & shipping” AR workflow, as items are selected in the warehouse and prepared for shipment, a packer will be able to capture a photo with his or her smartglasses to ensure the correct item is selected, is packed properly and is leaving the warehouse in pristine condition. This streamlined process, all available for a remote supervisor to monitor in real-time, allows personnel currently deployed as order checkers to be re-assigned to higher-value functions in the warehouse.  Voxware’s technology also provides evidence for filing claims with third-party shippers and the ability to refute false claims made by consumers. 

The “returns & receiving” workflow will work in a similar manner to ensure the right product is being returned or to confirm the reason for the return.

Voxware has partnered with smartglass hardware provider Vuzix to support the overall Augmented Reality solution



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