Warehouse Guard Rails [New Products]

Warehouse Guard Rails [New Products]

Wildeck Inc. has introduced three new guard rail systems that will allow companies to choose the level of impact protection they may need for different areas in their facility. The three products are:

Wilgard XT (XTra-Tough): tested for 13,000 lb. impact at 4 mph. 10” Safe Zone behind rails.

Wilgard MT (Medium Toughness): tested for 10,000 lb. impact at 4 mph. 11” Safe Zone.

Wilgard LT (Lighter Toughness): designed for light-duty guarding of work areas and walkways.

Where forklift traffic is heavy and the potential damage and injury from an accident can run high, Wildeck’s new Wilgard XT (XTra Tough) guard rail is the recommended solution. It features strong corrugated 11 gauge steel rails that are 12” wide with hemmed/rolled edges. Column posts are 5” x 5” structural tubes with 3/16” wall thickness. 12” x 12” x 3/4” thick plate steel base plates are robotically welded to the columns.

Wildeck’s new “middle-toughness” Wilgard MT guard rail provides a substantial 11” safe zone behind the rails. The new “lighter-toughness” Wilgard LT guard rail is designed for lighter-duty guarding of personnel areas, workstations, walkways, finished goods staging areas, loading docks, truck pits, and more.

Wildeck Inc.


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