Wireless Lift Truck Battery Interface [New Products]

Wireless Lift Truck Battery Interface [New Products]

AMETEK Prestolite Power has introduced an advanced Wireless Battery Identification Device (WBID) that continually reads and stores information about lift truck batteries. The company has also announced major updates to DataLink 2, its data analysis software used in conjunction with WBIDs and battery Charger Interface Devices (CIDs).

Working together, the WBID and DataLink 2 are designed to improve warehouse efficiency by gathering data wirelessly, monitoring battery usage and identifying potential problems that could lead to downtime.

The new WBIDs provide critical information to extend battery life, solve service issues and help with warranty claims. Motive power batteries can be more easily monitored for voltage, temperature and amp-hour usage using the battery identification device number, voltages, amp-hour sizes and start rates.

DataLink 2 software, working in conjunction with the WBIDs and Charger Interface Device (CID), enhances the ability to collect charge and discharge data from the charger. Updates include a new “kinetic” analyzer tool to import, evaluate and report on data from a WBID. Users can use the data to compare the status of one battery to another for usage, temperature and current.

AMETEK Prestolite Power


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