WMS Provides Intelligent Omni-Channel Fulfillment [New Products]

WMS Provides Intelligent Omni-Channel Fulfillment [New Products]

JDA Software Group Inc. has enhanced its JDA Warehouse Management, part of the JDA Intellligent Fulfillment solution, to include expanded persona-based user experiences extending beyond managerial and supervisory roles to operational and functional roles, a fully mobile-enabled framework, and optimized ease-of-use via key enhancements to JDA Configuration Manager. These capabilities are designed to provide manufacturers, retailers, distributors and third party logistics providers (3PLs) with the information needed to adapt to changes, optimize and execute inventory, and maximize tasks and resources strategically and responsively.

JDA Warehouse Management provides predictable information to solve critical challenges within the distribution center, while focusing on user empowerment and efficiency. It provides persona-based control towers designed to empower warehouse workers to take control of their business processes.

JDA has embedded mobility into all aspects of JDA Warehouse Management, allowing users to flexibly respond to business demands both in and outside the facility without being locked down to a workstation. The ability to use JDA Warehouse Management no matter where they are, in the warehouse or on the road, allows managers to track and observe employees executing their work on the floor, while allowing warehouse associates to accomplish tasks using touchscreens and visual guides on the floor.

JDA Warehouse Management is an integral part of JDA’s Intelligent Fulfillment strategy, which helps customers meet the demands of today’s omni-channel environment, decreasing time-to-value and expediting the returns management process. This is particularly important as omni-channel retailing causes an exponential increase in returns volume with returns often lingering in the supply chain and being sold at a loss. These volume and cost implications have an enormous impact on warehouse operations and profitability. This release delivers key capabilities to expedite returns tracking, routing, processing and the disposition of returns inventory. This reduces the time that it takes for an item to go from a return to sellable inventory, preserving profits and enabling additional opportunities to satisfy customer demand.

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