Work Assist Vehicle [New Products]

Work Assist Vehicle [New Products]

Crown Equipment Corp. has introduced the Crown WAV 60 Series work assist vehicle, designed for applications where ladders are typically used to access high places, such as those found in retail and manufacturing settings.

Better known as the Wave, the Crown Work Assist vehicle has been developed for workers receiving, shipping and stocking/shelving small loads and/or products in busy, confined spaces, as well as order picking and order fulfillment. It can travel and lift simultaneously so operators can move around a facility while raising and lowering to the appropriate heights in one smooth, seamless operation.

The Wave’s AC drive motors and controls increase travel speeds to 5 mph and provide responsive acceleration and maneuverability. The on-board operating system enables control through intelligent coordination of operator prompts, lift/lower operations, steering and braking, performance levels and other vehicle systems.

The Crown WAV 60 Series, which can be charged via a standard 110V power outlet, offers various safety features designed to help ensure operator safety while boosting ease of work and productivity:

• Hand sensors to ensure operators have both hands inside the vehicle and on the controls during operation. Travel and lift/lower functions stop if either hand is removed from the controls.

• Interlocking gates that must be closed to raise or lower the platform when the platform is at a height above 20 inches. Travel speed is reduced when the gates are not closed.

• Safety sensors below the platform that disable raise, lower and travel functions if someone or something is obstructing the motor cover.

• Dual foot pedals with built-in sensors to ensure operators have both feet properly positioned on the platform. If either foot is removed, travel and lift/lower functions are automatically stopped.

 The Wave load tray supports up to 200 pounds, while the load deck holds up to 250 pounds. An optional, powered-load tray features infinitely variable positions that allow operators to easily make height adjustments for flexibility with any load. The Wave can also be used with a range of Work Assist accessories, such as such as clip pads, mast storage pockets and accessory mounts.

Crown Equipment Corp.

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