Zone Powered Conveyor System [New Products]

Zone Powered Conveyor System [New Products]

Avancon has introduced its ZPC (Zone Powered Conveyor) system, which works in zones with full zero pressure functionality. It is designed for internal logistics and distribution systems. It can transport cartons, boxes, trays, totes, bags, solar cells or panels, furniture and other materials throughout warehouses and distribution centers.

The system was developed by Dieter Specht, founder of the Interroll Group. It is flexible and adaptable. It is capable of slow or fast transporting in any desired line and, where necessary, can accumulate without pressure.

The ZPC roller-and-belt-conveyor system allows companies to build large or small material handling and distribution systems, which control themselves (autonomously) via a field-bus AS-interface. It also allows communication to a higher level IT/BUS system.



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