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E-Book: The Supply Chain Revolution

Sept. 10, 2015
At the intersection of talent and technology, a new revolution is brewing in supply chain management. Download a copy of the full ebook by filling out the form below. Brought to you by MH&L and GTNexus.

Extended supply chains have evolved capabilities to “make it” and “move it,” but they face new challenges: see it, monitor it, measure it. With more talented graduates entering the field at a time when the technology tools supporting supply chain management have evolved the opportunities seem endless.

With cloud technology, effective applications, good dashboards, and the ability to drill down to the lowest level using the Internet of Things, high-performing supply chains have the right tools. Putting ta
lented people in place who can make best use of those tools keeps leading companies in front of their global competition.

The three features in this e-Book offer a view of the tools and the talent that are available and offers some insight into what is next for the companies that want to join the revolution – or lead one of their own. Fill out the form below to get your copy.

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