Top Practices for Mobile Tech Adoption in the Field

June 13, 2016
Businesses with field workers want partners to help with best practices across the spectrum of mobilization; security, data protection, installation, integration, training, and maintenance.

When it comes to specialized rugged mobile devices and technology, organizations with field technicians or service employees often face difficulties in bringing the bigger picture of mobility together.

Many challenges field employees and their organizations report facing are:

  • Selecting the right mobile device
  • Training and adoption
  • Physical device security and loss of assets while in the field
  • Data loss and defense against cyber attacks
  • Privacy of confidential information
  • Security for remote enterprise network access

Hours of down-time for field workers can translate into thousands of dollars lost for organizations that rely on mobile solutions. Therefore, device reliability is crucial.

This paper will address the most prominent issues which can hinder an organization’s approach to enterprise mobility and outline clear steps to optimize mobile solutions. Download here!

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