American Port Services deploys RFID solution for yard management

American Port Services (APS), a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, has deployed an RFID-enabled visibility system at a 60-acre cross-docking facility in Savannah, Ga., operated by APS on behalf of one of the world's largest retailers. The system, installed by AeroScout Inc. and application partner AGI Worldwide, tracks the location of hundreds of trailers in the facility in real-time in order to improve efficiency, increase utilization and throughput, and reduce costs.

The AeroScout system automates a manual trailer-tracking process that used to take a full team of people and hours every day, explains Ty Cobler, APS' director of operations. Cobler expects that the wireless solution will deliver significant efficiency gains for the facility, and provide a quick return on investment."

The AeroScout Visibility System will enable APS to benefit from accurate and reliable trailer location data at a low total cost of ownership. With 20 AeroScout Location Receivers, APS has full visibility of the facility's 1200 trailer spaces spread over 60 acres.

When a trailer enters the facility, it is fitted with a small radio device-- AeroScout's Wi-Fi-based active RFID tag. As the trailer moves throughout the yard, the tag's location is accurately tracked in real-time using standard WLAN protocols, allowing APS to locate the trailer for loading and unloading. Information about a trailer's location and contents is integrated with existing yard management systems and shared with partners or customers.

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