August Conveyor Orders Up for the Month, Down for the Year

Orders were up almost 13% from a month ago, down 16% from August 2012.

The Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association reported that its August 2013 booked orders decreased 15.9% when compared to August  2012 orders. August 2013 booked orders when compared to July 2013 booked orders were up 12.8%.

Augustbooked orders were up 3.7% for bulk handling equipment and up 19.9% for unit handling equipment when compared to July.

CEMA’s August 2013 Billed Sales (shipments) decreased by 8.5% when compared to August 2012 sales. August 2013 billed sales when compared to July 2013 billed sales were down 1.2%.

August Billed Sales were up 10.3% for Bulk Handling Equipment and down 6.2% for Unit Handling Equipment when compared to July.

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