Best Buy Expands Relationship with Descartes

WATERLOO, ONTARIO, April 16, 2003 — The Descartes Systems Group Inc., (Nasdaq:DSGX), (TSX:DSG), a trusted provider of logistics solutions, today announced that leading consumer electronics retailer, Best Buy (NYSE:BBY), has expanded its relationship with Descartes. Best Buy has extended the roll out of Descartes Routing and Scheduling™ to include its entire U.S. consumer home delivery operations managing over 1.5 million deliveries annually. Best Buy has been a valued Descartes customer since 2000.

Considered to be North America’s number one specialty retailer of consumer electronics, personal computers, entertainment software and appliances, Best Buy manages all of its routes from its headquarters in Minnesota with Descartes Routing and Scheduling. Big screen TVs, appliances, and other big box items are routed from the retailer’s distribution centers and stores to its customers throughout the U.S.

Enhanced fleet utilization and lower mileage and operating costs are some of the competitive advantages Best Buy gains by using Descartes Routing and Scheduling. The solution helps to balance service levels with cost enabling the retailer to gain greater control over its distribution operations without compromising customer service.

“Keeping delivery and distribution costs to a minimum, while maintaining superior customer service, is critical to ensuring our leadership position as a consumer electronics retailer,” said Mark O’Brien, vice president of Logistics, Best Buy. “Descartes Routing and Scheduling enables us to reduce costs while continuing to improve delivery service to our customers. It is a trusted solution to our business.”

“With over a decade of experience providing logistics solutions to leading retailers like Best Buy, Descartes understands the need to go beyond the optimization of routes to synchronize key customer service requirements with the management of delivery resources,” said Manuel Pietra, Descartes’ co-chief executive officer and president. “With Descartes Routing and Scheduling, Best Buy can continue to strengthen its business and lead the industry.”

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