Bloomingdale`s Selects Solution to Plan Advertising and Promotions Around Weather-Driven Demand

WAYNE, PA, MAY 18, 2004 -- Planalytics Inc. announced today that department store retailer, Bloomingdale`s Inc., has signed an agreement to license Impact, an Internet-based application that generates customized forecasts of the effects of future weather on consumer demand by product, location, and time. Bloomingdale`s will employ the Impact forecasts of weather-driven demand and Planalytics` advisory services to optimize marketing decisions, including the timing and content of advertising and promotions.

"We know that weather has a specific impact on sales. Not only does weather affect the rate of sale on seasonal product, but also impacts traffic levels in the stores,” said Lisa Gavales, Senior Vice President of Marketing Strategy at Bloomingdale`s. “Impact helps us understand where our risks and opportunities are in total and for a specific time period."

Planalytics helps companies reduce risk and improve profitability by identifying and managing the effects of weather on their business. Planalytics uses a combination of historical and predictive analytics to help clients understand and effectively plan for weather-driven changes in supply, demand, and pricing. Impact provides retailers and manufacturers with knowledge of how weather has and will influence their business. Impact measures the specific effect of future weather on consumer demand up to one year in advance in order to support more effective merchandise planning and forecasting, product distribution and allocation, and advertising and promotion timing.

Bloomingdale`s, a division of Federated Department Stores, was founded in 1872 and with the addition of Bloomingdale`s Soho will operate 31 stores in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, Minnesota, Florida, California, Nevada, and Georgia. For website access, log onto

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