Blue Agave's solution lets users compare actual performance against key metrics

Blue Agave Software Inc. has introduced a solution to help consumer goods suppliers achieve operational excellence with real-time insight into how their business is running from the factory floor to the store shelves. Active Performance Management (APM) 2.0 delivers enhanced platform capabilities and two new components, ActiveInsight and ActiveDataStore.

Now organizations can see actual performance against key metrics, and then drill down to obtain the relevant operational data and understand exactly when, where and why they may be in jeopardy of missing targets, or what they must do to capitalize on new revenue opportunities, with enough time to modify their plan and positively impact the bottom line.

ActiveInsight allows consumer goods suppliers to compare business performance against their key metrics and take action when required. For example, managers can quickly learn if inventory at a particular location is falling short, and immediately understand why -- whether demand spiked or product shipments were short -- and adjust operations accordingly.

APM 2.0 leverages the data integration platform that Blue Agave has developed, to consolidate crucial data from multiple, disparate sources across the extended network, providing a repository for information where none currently exists. ActiveDataStore provides a unified system of record for collecting, organizing and managing real-time information from external partners like retailers, suppliers or logistics providers, to power both real-time action and comprehensive analytics and reporting. With ActiveDataStore, teams within an organization can have a normalized, consistent view of data regardless of its source or format.

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