California Distribution Centers Seeks 3PL Solution

BEVERLY HILLS, CA August 19, 2003-California Distribution Centers (CDC) selects Motek's Priya warehouse management software to support growth and cut costs in the tight-margined world of third-party logistics. CDC wanted real-time warehouse software to enable its 3 distribution centers totaling 460,000 square feet to provide instant visibility of all warehouse activity to CDC and its customers.

Jim Fletter, CDC's President, stated, "Of all the WMS products we considered, Motek's Priya warehouse software was the most comprehensive Tier 1 solution with 3PL specific functionality. Motek's demonstrated 3PL industry success and reputation really stood out in our due diligence."

CDC feels the Priya purchase will attract new business from companies seeking more accountability from their 3PL providers. CDC will rely on Priya to track all billing charges by product, customer, and movement. Motek's VP of Sales, Dan Waters, said, "Priya allows CDC to offer better service and detailed inventory visibility without increasing overhead."

Fletter sums it up by saying, "As the market demand for seamless supply chain integration increases, 3PLs will have to step up to the plate and invest in technology that can deliver inventory visibility without increasing costs." Motek's warehouse software will enable CDC to offer real-time data, detailed billing charges and reports, and remote inventory management to its customers, increasing its competitive advantage.

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