CBPs New Trade Processing System

Held in Chicago, the Conference was the first of a series of educational forums CBP is holding to inform the community about ACE and to assist importers, brokers and truck carriers in setting up accounts. The next ACE Exchange Conference is scheduled for Tucson, Ariz., October 30 to November 3. (To be placed on the waiting list for the conference, email [email protected].

ACE is web-based and provides a Secure Data Portal that permits importers and brokers to get monthly statements for fees and duties for payment rather than on a shipment-by-shipment basis. CBP explains that the Secure Data Portal uses customized computer screens to provide it and the trade community with centralized, on-line access to communications and information.

“There has been significant growth in ACE monthly payments, with more than $3.5 billion collected this year alone,” says CBP’s director of its cargo systems program office, Louis Samenfink. That amount represents almost one-quarter of total duties and fees collected by CBP. “I encourage all shippers and importers to sign up for ACE and begin realizing the benefits of periodic payments and enhanced reporting now,” he concludes.

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