ClearOrbit offers RFID extensions for ERP systems

The ClearOrbit product suite allows companies to layer-in complete RFID capability on top of existing ERP systems, without requiring custom code or the tear out of old bar code or ERP software. ClearOrbit’s J2EE architecture offers a complete RFID solution that can be added to any ERP system. The ClearOrbit solution includes ClearOrbit’s Compliance Label Manager, RFID Tracker and Collaborative Print Manager.

Compliance Label Manager is a turn-key RFID solution that works in tandem with legacy bar code systems. Designed for business users, not programmers, Compliance Label Manager is rules-based, and allows users to define and manage their own label formats.

Working in tandem with Compliance Label Manager, RFID Tracker offers platform-independent transaction management of tag readers, as it provides the transaction context required to translate the information received from an RFID reader and maps it to, for example, a purchase order-receiving transaction in the ERP. Collaborative Print Manager leverages ClearOrbit’s Internet architecture and web-based management console to allow users to burn RFID tags across continents or any geographical distance, over the Internet. By driving RFID and bar code label production from a customer’s ERP, suppliers can comply with RFID requirements. All that is required is an RFID printer and an Internet connection at the supplier’s site.

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