Data integration project reduces delays at the Port of Rotterdam

Port infolink, which provides software and logistics support to the Port of Rotterdam, Holland, has installed an XML-based real-time data integration solution to improve processing speed and reduce delays in the Port of Rotterdam's supply chain management system.

From its operation center, Port infolink provides real-time inbound and outbound supply chain management including barge planning, rail planning, road planning, customs scan process, veterinary inspection process, transit declaration, vessel notification and declaration cargo EDI.

Through integration with the Xenos GoXML solution, Port infolink has been able to create a common platform to handle more incoming and outgoing data from transport agents and ship operators. “Over 300 million tons of cargo pass through our port and that translates to a lot of paperwork,” says Bart Roozekrans, managing director at Port infolink. “We needed a standards-based solution that was scalable, extensible and service-oriented to integrate with a multi-platform global supply chain infrastructure.”

Xenos GoXML provides an intuitive, modular solution for the integration of structured data. At Port infolink, this transformation engine links EDIFACT to XML and an Oracle database, enabling future expansion with necessary flexibility and adaptability to multiple data formats.

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