DiCentral Acquires BASE2

DiCentral Corp., a developer of EDI (electronic data interchange) software in the supply chain industry segment, has acquired BASE2 Corp., which provides EDI software for the automotive industry. The combined firm will expand the strengths of DiCentral into the automotive and manufacturing markets. This combination will also provide BASE2 with stronger support, sales and development resources.

BASE2 has worked with members of the automotive and manufacturing industry for over two decades — being certified by both Honda and General Motors — and has experienced continued growth in number of clients served. That experience, combined with DiCentral’s resources and platform, will help accelerate DiCentral’s initiatives for development within the automotive and manufacturing industries.

Founded in 2000, DiCentral’s range of software plus services solutions enables the exchange of data throughout supply chain networks. In addition, the company develops and markets a complementary suite of supply chain applications for EDI testing, distribution and logistics, vendor-managed inventory (VMI), scan-based trading, replenishment and data synchronization.

BASE2 was founded in 1981 and has served manufacturing, trading and agricultural firms of all sizes. Currently BASE2 has a complete stand-alone release management system from work center label production to real-time truck load scanning, with the option of integrating with ERP systems.

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