El Paso County tracks enterprise assets with RFID technology

Colorado's El Paso County has begun using a complete RFID (radio frequency identification) enterprise asset-tracking system. The system, which includes DSI's RFIDActivator software and process consulting services, Intermec's RFID readers and tags, and PeopleSoft's EnterpriseOne ERP software, is designed to allow El Paso County to reduce labor costs even as it provides greater accountability for more than 3,000 enterprise assets.

In the future, El Paso County plans to use the system to track inventory and maintain its truck fleet and heavy equipment.

RFID automatic data collection systems allow companies to automatically track inventory as items move from place to place. They typically do not require line of sight or manual scanning as do most bar code-based systems. For example, information from RFID-tagged assets can be read automatically, using fixed, mobile or handheld readers. The El Paso system will be used to track information on assets in office cubicles, warehouses and facilities.

"El Paso County feels there is a future for RFID technology in specific departmental applications, particularly those that lead to cost reductions and operating efficiency," says Bill Miller, chief information officer for El Paso County. "Because of our county's continued rapid growth, we are always looking for technology that allows us to do more with less."

"El Paso County is demonstrating how RFID technology can be used in the real world to achieve powerful business benefits," says Tom Miller, Intermec's president. "Knowing where your assets are, how they are being used and when they require service -- and collecting that information automatically -- allows organizations such as El Paso to redeploy their resources and workforces to other areas of need."

El Paso County uses PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne ERP software as its back-office system to track inventory, enterprise assets and other key business objects and processes.





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