Family Express Strengthens Supplier Relations through Automation

Family Express, a chain of convenience stores and fueling centers with 52 retail locations, is pursuing operational supply chain efficiencies and productivity gains via the automation of traditional human processes with Osiris Innovations Group (OIG), a provider of supply chain management and supplier enablement solutions.

“The virtual warehouse approach for ordering the items we need for daily operations simplifies the process at each location and strengthens our supplier relationships as a whole,” says Gus Olympidis, president and CEO of Family Express.

“By automating the sourcing, procurement, fulfillment and payment processes, Family Express and its respective supplier community will realize immediate efficiencies. The technologies will also improve our cash management and reporting capabilities” adds Monique Horn, chief accounting officer for Family Express.

Through the utilization of the OIG Suite, Family Express will manage supplier catalog content, purchase orders, ship notices and invoices electronically. Furthermore, communication between the modules (OIG Procure, OIG Fulfill, OIG Catalog and OIG Payment) will help provide visibility to order and payment information, reduce cycle time and deliver an immediate return on investment

The retailer will be able to access its own client-configured, online virtual warehouse to acquire the products and services it needs for daily operations.

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