Firstlight Foods Uses RFID to Track and Trace Meat Products

Firstlight Foods, a New Zealand-based meat producer, has adopted an RFID-based solution to automatically capture complete pedigree and track beef and venison processing in real time. The solution has been developed by Omnitrol Networks, a developer of global track and trace solutions, and TRiDENT RFID, a supplier of RFID technology in the fresh produce sector.

The solution is said to overcome the barriers associated with using UHF RFID technology to track high water content products like meat and produce. It will enable Firstlight Foods to automatically track beef and venison production and to accurately generate electronic meat pedigree records enabling field-to-fork traceability.

Firstlight hopes to improve its processes, reduce product damage, and automatically generate electronic records for pedigree compliancy in its meat production plants.

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