Fixed RFID Readers Are Necessary For Supply Chain Automation

A new report from the ARC Advisory Group, “RFID Systems in the Manufacturing Supply Chain,” indicates that installation and use of fixed readers get rid of labor and material handling costs for current factory and distribution center slap-and-ship operations. The advice is that manufacturers work with their consultants and solution providers to achieve this end.

The report focuses on end-of-line labor-intensive RFID-compliant tagging typically performed today. It advocates fixed readers positioned on vehicle and forklift mounts, overheads, and shipping and receiving docks, all of which permit automatic data collection.

Chantal Polsonetti, principal author of the report, and ARC vice president, adds that, “Slap-and-ship is not a scalable approach that can be ramped up to production volumes in conjunction with the rapidly escalating time lines embodied in customer mandates. Enabling increased product output is particularly crucial in the ramp-up from pilot to production, since early findings reveal that RFID can have a negative impact onproduction rates.”

As the chart here indicates, projected use of RFID in manufacturing is on a constant increase.Information on the study may be found on the association web site,

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