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Fujitsu Looks to Streamline Post-Sales Supply Chain

ATLANTA, Sept. 29, 2003 – UPS (NYSE: UPS) today announced Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc. has expanded its relationship with UPS Supply Chain Solutions. The UPS business unit now will serve as Fujitsu’s "one source" provider of post-sales services in North America, supplanting multiple vendors.

UPS Supply Chain Solutions will provide central parts distribution, returns management and parts planning services for Fujitsu® PRIMEPOWERä servers and other products. The servers deliver high performance, high reliability and high availability, key characteristics needed for e-business and transaction processing applications. Fujitsu will continue to use a variety of UPS services including distributing critical parts from 40 field stocking locations via UPS SonicAir, UPS’s same day service, and the UPS small package network.

In addition to using UPS Supply Chain Solutions’ distribution and transportation network, Fujitsu will be taking advantage of UPS’s information management systems. A team of UPS Supply Chain Solutions experts using sophisticated parts planning software will provide improved forecasting to optimize inventory levels and increase order fill rates. In addition, UPS call centers will receive emergency orders directly from Fujitsu field technicians, enabling faster response times for their customers. "Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc. and UPS Supply Chain Solutions have combined the talents of both companies in order to achieve excellence in providing service parts logistics services to Fujitsu customers at a competitive price," said Dick Rea, manager of logistics operations, Fujitsu Technology Solutions.

"Use of UPS Supply Chain Solutions leverages the core competency of UPS, allowing Fujitsu to focus on its unique capabilities to deliver the highly reliable PRIMEPOWER servers and industry-leading managed services to Fujitsu enterprise customers."

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