G-Log adds automated transportation procurement functionality to its GC3 solution

G-Log has added transportation procurement functionality to its G-Log Global Command and Control Center (GC3) software platform. Leveraging carrier rates, inventory and geography constraints, and shipment history stored in the GC3 global data model, the G-Log system intelligently forecasts demand across the logistics network, collaboratively creates bid packages, secures the best rates, and automatically awards carrier contracts.

The web-native GC3 software supports an integrated logistics management (ILM) network across multiple modes, business units and geographies.

“With a logistics landscape characterized by changing carrier rates, increasing shipment volume, and driver hours of service restrictions, we’re faced with more transportation challenges than ever before,” says Jim Burns, vice president of transportation for Family Dollar Stores. “When you’re managing hundreds of shipments a week, manual procurement processes are extremely difficult and incomplete. The G-Log system allows us to provide to our partner carriers the details of our transportation needs, thereby allowing them to give us their most competitive rates and allowing us to evaluate alternative award scenarios to enable Family Dollar to gain the most cost effective and service-sensitive solution.”

The G-Log system’s transportation procurement functionality addresses an area of growing importance as more and more companies are renegotiating rates with carriers and considering a multitude of options to streamline costs while maintaining premium service levels. Retailers Family Dollar Stores and Tesco are among the first G-Log customers to benefit from the new transportation procurement functionality, which can be executed as often as necessary without recurring fees or long service engagements.


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